January 10, 2024

“Amazing Grace” is not just a cherished hymn of the faith, but it’s also the nickname of an incredible athlete, possibly the most decorated one to emerge from Cedarville University. Grace Norman has secured gold, silver, and bronze medals in two recent Paralympics, and in 2024, she aims for the gold in the paratriathlon in Paris.

Despite her international athletic prowess, Grace attributes her stability and success to her unwavering faith in Jesus. Born without a right foot and left big toe, she defied all expectations, excelling at Legacy Christian High School and later at Cedarville University. The support of her family, treating her just like her two sisters, has provided a sense of normalcy in her life.

Now with the 2024 Paralympics in the coming months, Grace and her family are preparing for another opportunity for Grace to stand on the winner’s podium after the paratriathlon and hear the national anthem of the United States.

In this episode, Grace and her father, Dr. Tim Norman, a senior professor of engineering at Cedarville University, open up about their journey, sharing poignant stories of personal development amid trials and triumphs.

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