January 24, 2024

Play Ball with Faith: The Fred Greetham Story

In the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, where the battle cries of sports echo through the city, Fred Greetham learned early on to cherish two words: play ball. Growing up in the shadows of Cleveland’s iconic teams— the Browns, the Guardians (formerly Indians), and the Cavaliers —Fred’s love for sports became a defining chapter of his life.

As a college student donning the Yellow Jackets’ baseball jersey at Cedarville University, Fred aimed to be more than a player on the field. His playbook included deepening his faith in Jesus and laying the groundwork for a career in the sports arena. The dream? Professional baseball.

Fred’s college stats spoke volumes — finishing with a remarkable .407 batting average and stealing 86 bases in 90 attempts. These numbers, usually a ticket to the pros, earned him a different recognition: a spot in Cedarville’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Post-graduation, Fred’s journey took unexpected turns. From the baseball diamond to the classroom, then pivoting to financial planning, he remained vigilant, seeking opportunities to leverage his communication skills in the realm of sports commentary. Today, he’s a regular voice on Cleveland radio stations, covering the NFL Browns.

Life, however, also threw him some curveballs.

Facing his own battle with cancer, Fred’s resilience mirrored his stolen bases — swift and unyielding. Yet, his daughter’s health crisis, in his eyes, eclipsed his own struggles. Through the trials, Fred’s unwavering faith in Jesus sustained him, guiding him through each day, and inspiring his commentary on the Browns’ relentless pursuit of a Super Bowl victory.

In the grand arena of life, Fred Greetham embodies the fusion of sportsmanship and faith, where every play is a testament to perseverance, and every challenge met with an unwavering trust in a higher purpose.

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