Haiti Day One

Today, we began filling part of the foundation for a hospital being built in the city of Les Cayes and played with joyful little boys at the orphanage called Ducis. Seeing God in everything means you have to be looking. Here we are as a Cedarville University missions team in a beautiful, heartbreaking country. We ...

Prayer For Summer Teams

Some of our teams are in the air or already on the ground!  South Asia team and the Austria team have arrived and will be starting ministry soon.  The Haiti team left early this morning from Cincinnati.  Togo team is on the ground.  Marshall Pickering has started his ministry in Honduras.  Can’t wait to hear ...

Guatemala Reflection

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Take. Me. Back. It has been hard being back after the incredible week spent in Guatemala! However, it has been amazing to see how God has worked in the lives of the team! My prayer is that while the memories of this incredible trip might slowly start fading, what God has taught each one of ...

Thank You.

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Here’s the ladies of the Peru team sporting GO shirts.  Not a bad background! Thank you for your prayers and financial support!  All of our teams are back safe and sound.  Watch for stories from our spring break teams as well as our local ministry teams on instagram and twitter (@cedarvilleGO) throughout the rest of ...

Coming Back!

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All of our teams are heading back today and tomorrow.  Here’s some pictures from the OPE Peru team working at a children’s festival with a local church.  #CUGO

London Update

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Here’s Alayna Sanderson and Madison Bender at King’s College going through soularium (a conversational tool) and later the gospel with two ladies one of whom was a Sikh.  We had spiritual conversations with people from at least 8 different nations yesterday.

Dearborn Update

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Hello from the Dearborn, Michigan team! We arrived at SEND’s hostel on Saturday and have been preparing for the week. We will tour Dearborn on Monday with SEND’s director, Tom, and start our ministry to the community! #CUGO

Guatemala Update

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Today we had the opportunity to attend Calvary Chapel in Antigua, a missionary church. We got to experience a new culture and see what praising God was like in a new language! We also had the opportunity to play games and talk to missionaries and hear their stories. We are so encouraged by everything that ...

Eleuthera Update

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Our trip started out stressful as Kim had some challenges with her ticket and ultimately had to join the team the following day after the team arrived. It was a very stressful time for her especially because she was unable to communicate with us in Eleuthera. God is good, however and protected her. She arrived ...

OPE Update

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OPE during their first day planning for 5 days of kids clubs! Super cool to sit in a room of Peruvian brothers and sisters who have a heart and a vision for reaching their communities. The OPE team gets to walk alongside them.  #CUGO