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I Fear!

November 9, 2023

I Fear! S. M. Gollmer I fear!  There is talk everywhere of existential threats.  How will we survive global warming, atomic wars, economic collapse, pandemics, and ascendant artificial intelligence?  Each is traced back to humanity’s scientific and technological achievements of the 20th Century.  Not rising to the level of global... View Article

Why the 22nd Century?

October 6, 2023

Why the 22nd Century? S. M. Gollmer How far should we cast our vision into the future?  Should we care about tomorrow, next week, or next year?  We certainly don’t want to be short sighted, and planning has its benefits.  For me I really don’t expect to see the next... View Article

History of the School of Science and Mathematics – Part 1

September 26, 2023

History of the School of Science and Mathematics – Part 1 S. M. Gollmer This year the Department of Science and Mathematics at Cedarville University became the School of Science and Mathematics.  Our school offers majors ranging from biology, chemistry, physics, geology, to mathematics.  Where did this all begin?  What... View Article

Needed and Wanted in the 22nd Century

August 29, 2023

Needed and Wanted in the 22nd Century S. M. Gollmer As I look to the future, it is easy to slip into a malaise.  The news cycle is filled with stories of violence, environmental degradation, disease, and existential threats.  Many of these issues are traced back to a rapidly changing... View Article

Announcing the School of Science and Mathematics

August 11, 2023

I would like to announce the establishment of the School of Science and Mathematics.  This announcement sounds more grandiose than it really is.  Until June of this year, we have been the Department of Science and Mathematics and capably lead by our chairman, Dr. Mark McClain.  The University has restructured... View Article

Passing of an Era in Young Earth Creationism

February 6, 2020

This past week I received news that Dr. John C. Whitcomb passed at the age of 95. He along with Dr. Henry M. Morris (who died in 2006) ushered in the modern era of Young Earth Creationism with their book, The Genesis Flood (1961).  Dr. Whitcomb taught at Grace Theological... View Article

Do You Know Where You Are?

August 20, 2019

Do You Know Where You Are? By Steven Gollmer How many numbers can you memorize?  Have you tried it recently?  As a freshman in college, I met a student from Chicago who participated in Pi Day competitions by memorizing digits of the mathematical constant π.  (By the way, as of... View Article

A Window into ‘Mirrorworld’

March 19, 2019

A Window into ‘Mirrorworld’ By Steven Gollmer An article in Wired magazine recently reminded me of the artificial world in which we live.  The article is titled “AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform – Call it Mirrorworld” and can be found at https://www.wired.com/story/mirrorworld-ar-next-big-tech-platform/.  Mirrorworld is seen as possibly... View Article

Let the Sunshine In

March 14, 2019

This Challenge Problem is a little dirtier than the last one. Let us start with a series of glass windows which are randomly splattered with mud. In fact each window has 40% of its surface covered with mud. On the average how many windows would you have to stack together... View Article

Trucking Strawberries – Solution

March 14, 2019

Congratulations to Nathan Lee (physics student) for coming up with the solution to the first challenge problem.  The problem was as follows: Assume you are a truck driver delivering California strawberries to the Cedarville area. When you leave southern California, you have the back of your truck filled with 10... View Article