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October 23, 2018 by

Hey, Cedarville! I’ve decided that I want to spend one post a week talking about a chapel that I enjoyed recently, because chapel is such an important part of my life and such an important part of campus life. As I’ve said in the past, I enjoy being able to worship with believers every day and hear encouraging or convicting messages from the Word.

A recent chapel was quite the unique one, one that we have every year for homecoming. It’s a perennial favorite of mine as a journalism major, because Dr. White, our president, fills everybody in on the status and future plans of the school. He calls it the State of the University address.

After worship, which featured music performed by a praise band and our campus orchestra, Dr. White first announced the winners for this year’s alumni awards. It was cool to hear what great things different alumni are doing, and since many of them were on campus for homecoming, I was able to see these alumni as well.

As soon as these were done, he jumped right into enrollment numbers. The school’s enrollment has grown around 500 total students (from 3.6k to 4.1k) since I started in 2015, which is crazy to me. Talking about enrollment brought him to the 10-year plan. It lays out what the university would like to accomplish over the next 10 years.

Dr. White focused on two main aspects of the plan. The first is that Chick-fil-A will be coming to campus soon! He mentioned that it’s planned to be a 200-seat restaurant, which seems like quite a lot. I’ve been curious how the university was planning on feeding more and more students every year with the capacity we currently have, and Chick-fil-A seems like a great solution.

The other main thing from the plan that was addressed was a new dorm that’s going to be built, a massive three-floor, 300-bed complex that will be just a few feet away from where I live currently. It will be a split dorm, with half being for male students and the other half being for female students!

I’m looking forward to writing about chapel and I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about them! Most chapels I write about in the future will be more traditional, with worship and preaching, but I’ll be sure to highlight other less traditional chapels as well!


Till next time.

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