Chapel: Reformation Day

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November 1, 2018 by

Hey, everybody. As I’ve said before, chapel is one of my favorite parts of Cedarville. Getting together with other students every day to worship, both through music and by learning from the Word, is a special experience. Our chapel on October 31, (aka Reformation day and/or Halloween, for some of you out there) was no exception.


After a nice time of singing in worship, which featured a full choir and praise band, we heard a message from Dr. Jason Lee, the Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies here at Cedarville. In his sermon, which was titled “Christ, a Rest for Weary Souls,” he focused on Matthew 11:25-30.


Often, as Christians, we become weary, Dr. Lee said. This is a truth that I’m sure many of us can relate to. Through different circumstances of life, we become dragged down, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained. It is in this moment where Satan likes most to strike, knowing that we are weak and discouraged. However, said Dr. Lee, this is when we are best in the position to better lean into Christ and our faith in Him, allowing us to grow in knowledge and our love for Him.


Since it was Reformation Day, he, of course, brought Martin Luther into it. Luther was a fan of saying that our suffering opens us to more of God’s redemptive work, which is done through Jesus Christ. This same sorrow might lead some to unbelief, or keep some from unbelieving, but Luther said that these assaults by the devil teach us to run to and love God’s work even more than we did or could have before.


Jesus says “come to me” in these times of trials and offers rest to our weary souls, and this rest is in the forgiveness of sins and in His revealing of God to us. Since Christ holds all authority and wisdom from the Father, He in turn imparts this wisdom on us to help us grow.

This message was something I needed to hear, as the stress of the school year piles up and as the sun is around for less and less time every day. I love natural light, and its absence can leave me feeling down and tired.


I always look forward to Dr. Lee’s sermons in chapel. He is an incredible teacher and always seems to bring the most relevant messages to the student body.


Stay tuned to this blog for more posts about my life, about campus life, and about chapel! I’m enjoying writing this blog a lot, and I like sharing my life with you!


Till next time.

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