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June 13, 2019 by

Hey, I’m Gwendolyn! You can call me Gwen, if you want, or Gwendy, or Gwennie.

Here are some of the basics: I’m an English major going into my senior year, and I’m from a rural, small town in Minnesota.  

I’m spending my summer at Cedarville as one of the Directors of Getting Started Weekend, and I’m super pumped that I get to write some stuff for this blog while I’m here. I’m working alongside one of my best friends, Kimmy Powell, who is pictured on the right in the photo below. Planning Getting Started with her has been a blast, and we’re so excited for the Class of 2023 to arrive soon!

I already told you that I’m an English major, so it’s probably not a huge surprise when I say that I love to write. Growing up, I was involved in a lot of different things and had a lot of interests (theater, politics, music), so when the time came to choose a major, I was stressed.

I ended up landing in English after my freshman year at Cedarville, and it’s been wonderful ever since. I’ve loved settling into novels from many different periods and writing essays on a variety of topics.

One favorite class I’ve taken is Advanced Composition; in this class, we write nonfiction essays, which can be kind of like memoirs. I wrote an essay about my high school experience titled “Beef Cows,” and it was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had on an assignment. (Side note: I had to take a class on beef cattle in high school, and I still love to talk about beef. So if we ever meet and you’re unsure of what to talk about, go ahead and bring up cows. I promise you I’ll smile like an idiot and we’ll become best friends.)

What else is there to tell?  I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, and I’m terrified of frogs. Besides reading, I love to play sand volleyball, play the piano, and hike. Pictured below is me and my family on one of our favorite hikes at Rocky Mountain National Park!

That seems to cover most of the important stuff. I’ll be sharing more about my life at Cedarville as well as some tips for Getting Started, so check back in! Thanks for reading–hope to see you here again.

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