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Hey, hi, hello! I’m back with another blog. This has literally been my favorite week of this entire year because it’s SPIRIT WEEK!!! SGA and the Alumni Association partnered together to get the campus community pumped for Homecoming and Parents Weekend by encouraging students, faculty, and staff to dress up each day! 

I actually have never participated in Spirit Week before, but I was completely dedicated this year. My boss, Sarah, and I went all out for each day, and it was so fun! Took a million pictures. Shared a lot of laughs. Even my boss’ boss dressed up with us!! Seriously look at these pictures.

D A Y  1: Monochrome Monday

Black on black on black is easily my favorite OOTD on any given day, but I had the excuse here to match my pals!

D A Y  2: Twin Tuesday

Talk about nostalgia! Sarah and I brought back the 90s with our Mary-Kate and Ashley outfits!

This was by far my favorite day, even though it was over 90 degrees! The long-sleeve shirts were the only pink shirts we could find though. Now that is dedication.

And in case you thought I was kidding about her boss twinning too, here is photo evidence. I work in the best office.

D A Y  3: Wacky Sock Wednesday

Any excuse to wear Christmas socks is a good day for me! I absolutely adore these cat socks. 

D A Y  4: Throwback Thursday

I threw it back with this old school Cedarville shirt. It’s got the old logo on it and it’s one of my favorite shirts! (I’m not even sure what the Yellow Jacket Club is, but I’m definitely a part of it!) (And I also forgot to take a real picture with it, so please enjoy this awkward selfie.)

D A Y 5: Fan Friday

Time to pull out all that Cedarville merch! I even accessorized with a bee (“yellow jacket”) and honeycomb necklace.

Every Friday of homecoming week is the Cardboard Canoe Race. Stinger and I cheered on the race together.

Overall, (Get it? Like the overalls I’m wearing here? … it’s funny, just go with it) it was a super great week and it’s made this semester amazing already! My last Spirit Week was definitely the best Spirit Week. 


Oh, and we got featured on the email the alumni office sent out so that made it all worth it :))

Until next time!!

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