7 Unique Ways That I Have Been Involved on Campus

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February 10, 2020 by

So I’ve told you about all the jobs that I work, but I have not told you all the ways that you can be involved on Cedarville’s campus for fun! Not that I am saying jobs are not fun … or maybe that is what I am saying:). But it is more fun to volunteer, right?

Anyway … let me quickly tell you 7 ways that I have been involved or am still involved at Cedarville University!

(1) Admissions Campus Tour Guide

Being an admissions tour guide has been one of the most fun activities that I have been involved in as a Cedarville student. I get to work with the admissions office and give campus tours to prospective students. I have loved learning how to walk backward and embarrass myself (running into the same pole multiple times). This is a perfect volunteer opportunity if you love Cedarville and want to share your experience with prospective families.

(2) The Barn Ministry

The Barn is an outreach ministry that I was involved in my freshman year. A group of Cedarville students spent their Friday nights going to a youth center to interact with and love high school students. We got a meal together before we left and really built a family of volunteers. I learned how to play pool and also had several impactful conversations with high school students. This ministry developed my love for student ministry. 

(3) Student Alumni Association 

The student alumni association is an organization that is available to junior and senior students. It is an application-based organization but it is ultimately a way to be involved with the alumni office. As an organization we attend alumni events and represent Cedarville at them. We also help plan and run homecoming, which is a huge responsibility. This year I was on the marketing team for homecoming. We put together the promotional video to promote spirit week. You can check out the video HERE.

(4) Adopt a Grandparent

I got involved with Adopt a Grandparent as a freshman. This organization matched you and another Cedarville student with an elderly person in the community. Our main role was to go over to their house and be a friend. This gave me an opportunity to love the elderly, especially those that didn’t have a lot of family around. This was a stretching ministry that continued to develop my love for people. 

(5) D-group Leader

I got involved in a discipleship group my freshman year. I will talk more about this later, but d-groups are what you might think of when you think of small groups at church. These groups meet once a week and have a leader who walks you through a Christian book or book of the Bible. After being in one of these groups my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to be a leader. I attended a leadership conference and went through the application process. This was a neat opportunity to disciple others and learn how to lead a small group well. You can see my discipleship group in the picture below. I would strongly encourage you to be involved with discipleship ministries whether as a group member or a leader!

(6) Event Small-Group Leader

As you may know, Cedarville puts on a lot of events to the community and also to students in high school and middle school. Typically, these events send out emails asking for help (I told you it was important to read your emails. Check out that blog if you missed it;)  I often volunteer my time helping out at these events. The first event I ever helped out with was called Junior Jam. This event was for elementary aged students. I honestly had the most fun time being a small-group leader and interacting with the kids throughout the whole day. I had several rambunctious kids that loved God and the fun activities that we participated in. Check out these frequent volunteer opportunities!

(7) Operation Christmas Child Org

I was a part of the Operation Christmas Child organization my sophomore year. We put on a packing party during Christmas time by gathering enough supplies to pack 1,000 shoeboxes. I helped run social media and market this event. I love Operation Christmas Child!!! This organization put me in the path of others that loved the mission as much as me. There are so many other organizations out there like this! Check them all out. 

There are many other ways to get involved that I have not participated in that may fit you better! I encourage you to keep your options open and force yourself out of your comfort zone. There is an involvement fair in the beginning of the semester that allows you to learn all about the different opportunities. Don’t shy away from that. If you want to do a little research ahead of time you can look at the involvement website that lists out all the different organizations to be involved in at Cedarville. Start thinking of ways that you can get involved as a student at Cedarville! 


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