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February 17, 2020 by

Because Cedarville gets students from nearly every state, many people are not used to the weather, so we get a lot of questions about the weather! At Cedarville, we experience the weather of every season, which makes it absolutely stunning to go to school here. Cedarville truly looks beautiful in every season.

I want to give you an insight on what to expect and provide you with a few tips on how to fully enjoy the Cedarville weather experience:).


When you arrive in the fall, I admit it is the most beautiful weather and time. It feels as if the whole campus is enjoying being outside in the sunny weather.

During the fall the common weather is warm with a slight breeze. This is the weather that brings an immediate smile to your face when you walk outside. This is also the weather that if you pick up the pace in your step you start sweating.

The leaves are beginning to fall and you can wear the same clothing all day without having to change the amount of layers that you have on.

Typical activities during this time include playing sand volleyball, playing soccer on the soccer fields, studying in a hammock, and playing spike ball on the lawn outside the dorms. The weather makes it hard to go to class but so thankful that we are a walking campus:).

Many dorm units go on camping trips during this time as well. It is the most perfect time to enjoy hammock camping and sitting around a campfire while making s’mores! Many people also go on hikes around the area at local state parks. You can see my friends and me on a hike! I love all seasons but I especially love this season!

Here are a few key items to bring to fully enjoy our fall weather:

  • Hammock to set up on campus
  • Windbreaker for the wind that we do usually get (we are in the flat lands of Ohio)
  • Bike if you want to get around campus faster
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated while being outside


I will be the first to say that there are times that we do get hit with hard winter weather. But I would also be the first to say that Cedarville is the most beautiful during this season.

In the winter, we do get snow! The snow can be anywhere from large flakes or a lot of small flakes. The temperature can get down pretty cold, which makes it important to dress wisely. I highly recommend investing in a good winter coat.

The wind is usually a large factor that makes it just a tad bit colder. I know it was a wake-up call for me my first year, but I learned how to dress appropriately to enjoy this season as well!

The common activities to do during the winter season are to sled down hills with makeshift sleds, go ice skating in a rink nearby (not on the lake), make snowmen and stay in the warm dorm with a cup of hot chocolate.

Here are a few key items to bring to fully enjoy our winter weather:

  • Long winter coat with down feathers. It is worth it my friends.
  • Gloves. Gloves. Gloves.
  • Waterproof boots
  • Insulated tumbler for coffee and hot chocolate:)


After a long winter, spring is another fun season. This is when all the beautiful landscaping begins to bloom and the sun comes out to warm it all up again. At Cedarville, we do get a lot of rain, so it is important to invest in a rain jacket.

I am a person that loves rainy days. The Center for Biblical and Theological Studies building is the best place to be when it is raining because there are a lot of windows that you can stare out of as you watch the rain fall. 

There are many times that my friends and I have gone outside and played in the rain but most of Cedarville stays in to play card games or grab coffee with friends. This is the best study weather. I love seeing the vibrant flowers start popping up as well. I really appreciate how well kept Cedarville is!

Here are a few key items to bring to fully enjoy our spring weather:

  • Rain jacket, of course, that breaks the wind
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Sturdy umbrella (if you have a flimsy one it will be blown away and be very inconvenient to carry:)

Ultimately you do have to come and experience the weather yourself because I am definitely not a trained weather person. Come visit Cedarville! Hopefully you can have a better understanding and be better prepared than most! For now, enjoy the weather and beautiful creation of where you currently are!

Until next time!

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