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February 27, 2020 by

Music is a huge deal for Cedarville students! One out of every eight students on campus is involved in some type of music organization! There are countless opportunities to be involved. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience, so you can begin to think about ways you may want to be involved!

In high school, I focused a lot of my time and energy on music. I played the flute and piccolo in the band and orchestra. I was also in three different choirs. This was a huge part of who I was and when I graduated from high school, I didn’t know if I would pick up my instruments again.

When I came to Cedarville, I looked into different opportunities that I could be involved in music, and I was shocked by the array of different music groups that were offered to nonmusic majors.

The first weekend of my Cedarville experience, I signed up for an audition slot for the symphonic band. There were many other groups to sign up for such as the orchestra, several choirs, jazz bands, and chapel bands. I felt the band would be the best way for me to get connected.

I remember coming to my audition time. I was nervous but excited to experience music at the college level. The audition went well, and I received a placement in the front row of the band! 

Rehearsal was once a week. I enjoyed being challenged by the music and I also met a good friend, which you can see in the picture after our first concert! We were both freshmen, and music had been a huge part of our lives in high school. The symphonic band performed several times. We performed evening concerts and also performed in chapel. 

After a year, I decided that the symphonic band was too big of a time commitment for me so I chose to let it go, but I do look back on it as a good experience. I have other friends that have stayed in the same music group all four years and I have other friends who have jumped to different music groups! 

There are literally so many groups! Whatever you are interested in, there is most likely a music group for it! I know that a club just started using boom sticks to create music. So fun!

If you are not musically talented, you can also be involved in music by going to special music events that go on at Cedarville all the time! A few of my favorites are the community christmas concert, jazz concerts, homecoming worship concert, and the HeartSong live concert.

Cedarville is a hub for music. There are so many ways to be involved and also ways to enjoy music. Look forward to these amazing opportunities! 

Until next time.

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