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How are you supposed to stay active in Cedarville, Ohio in the winter, when assignments, Netflix, friends, or Chick-fil-A are calling your name?

You might have heard people mention the Freshman-15, referring to the joke that college freshmen gain around 15 pounds during their first year of college. You might be worrying about finding ways to stay active and find motivation to work out while at Cedarville, especially when you have the option of eating Chick-fil-A for every meal.

When you want to get active, whether you prefer sports, lifting, rock climbing, or dancing, Cedarville offers a broad range of activities for people of all interests!


The Rock Climber

You heard me right! Inside the Rec Center there is a 36-foot indoor rock climbing wall. The goals of the rock wall are to create an atmosphere where any type of climber can “work out physically, work off built up stress, and work on building closer bonds with friends, all in an adventurous, yet safe environment” (Indoor Climbing Wall). 


I have personally really enjoyed getting my belay certification, climbing on the rock wall, and seeing friends from my classes find a new hobby and a great community of rock climbers. The wall is constantly changing with new courses and new challenges, as the group of climbers encourages each other to have fun and push themselves to new heights. Use this rock climbing wall to pursue an old hobby or create a new and fun study break hobby with friends!


The Creative

Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes! Ever wonder if Cedarville has anything for its students who love to dance? You came to the right place! There are several ways for students to pursue a love for creative expression and dance at Cedarville. One way is through AYO, Cedarville’s student dance organization. AYO performs dances and showcases featuring a wide variety of dancing styles for the student body and the community throughout the year and is open to all students with an audition.


Another way to stay active through dance is to register for a swing dancing class! A few months before I came to Cedarville as a freshman, I had a friend tell me about how she had learned swing dancing while at Cedarville and encouraged me to look into it. I had no idea what swing dancing was at the time, but I began telling people that I was going to learn at Cedarville. That friend gave me good advice that day, so I am passing it on to you! Grab some friends and have fun learning something new — you never know what could become your new hobby!


The Runner 

Another thing that the Rec Center offers, besides the variety of free weights and machines, is an indoor track. For those rainy, cold, or windy days that make their way onto Cedarville’s campus during the long winter, you do not have to settle for a treadmill. No matter the weather, you can train for your marathon or run around the indoor track with your friends. Happy running 🙂


The Athlete

Ah, yes, I cannot forget the sports-lovers. There are plenty of intramural sports to get involved in at Cedarville, including sand volleyball, pickleball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and dodgeball. Whatever your favorite sport is, Cedarville has something for you! There are different leagues you can join (A and B leagues) that reflect your past experience and skill, which make playing with your peers so competitive and fun! Intramurals are a great way to meet new friends, hang out with your friend-group, and take an hour study break!


Take Advantage of the Warm Days

Lastly, remember to take advantage of the blessing of the warm, sunny days that come around. Get some friends together for a game of spike ball or soccer, take that run outside into town, or practice your dance routine in the sun! I hope that you are excited to experience the different activities that Cedarville offers.  


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