What Do Cedarville Students Do For Fun?

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Cedarville is a quaint village tucked away in Ohio. It’s a small town in a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of community. Everyone knows everyone, the local small businesses support each other, and strangers are welcomed with open arms. 

Cedarville students make their home here at the University for 9 months out of the year. Many college students view their time at school as the “golden years”. Cedarville students seek to make every day, every adventure, and every moment with friends matter, especially when living in a place where the community seeks to do the same.

So what kinds of adventures do students have around the village?


Campus events 

Students playing nine square, a fun game commonly featured at ALT nights.

ALT Nights, Thursday Night Lives, sporting events; there is always a fun event happening on campus. ALT Nights are put on by the Student Government Association. They bring in food trucks and usually show a movie. 

Thursday Night Lives happen every Thursday in Stinger’s (one of our many dining options on campus) and typically involve live music or a Q&A session with an expert on a topic. 

There are many NCAA Division II athletic events to attend throughout the year, all free for students! These events have been some of my favorite memories at Cedarville, and I’m sure they will be yours as well. 


Visit local coffee shops 

Beans and Cream, all decked out for Christmas.

Beans ‘n Cream and Orion are a couple favorite coffee, brunch, and study spots in the village, located along Main Street. And we can’t forget Rinnova, the campus coffee shop located in the Stevens Student Center. Each of these coffee shops make fun hang-out spots for you and your friends. Walk into any of these spaces and you’re bound to find Bible studies, discipleship meetings, and hilarious conversations between friends taking place all around you. 


Get ice cream at Mom and Dads or Young’s 

Not much of a coffee drinker? Then how about some ice cream? Mom and Dad’s is just across the street from campus and Young’s Jersey Dairy is a short drive into Yellow Springs. Both are affordable for the college budget, and delicious. Get a group of friends together and take a study break to feed your sugar addiction and get the hyper energy you need to keep studying!


Go shopping

There are plenty of places around Cedarville to shop. The Greene in Beavercreek has many incredible places to shop. Yellow Springs has cute and trendy shops that make for exciting adventures. Some places, such as the Greene, are a little far from campus, but this makes for great karaoke time in the car with friends.


Go hiking 

Indian Mounds is not only beautiful, it is a relatively easy hike. The waterfall is absolutely stunning all year round and in the fall, the colors of the leaves are breathtaking. It is definitely a must see. 

Clifton Gorge is another incredible spot to go hiking. This is a fun hike to do with friends! The beautiful scenery makes for a great photoshoot location. Grab a group of friends and go take some pictures together!

John Bryan State Park is one of the best known hiking spots in the area. While a great place to camp, it’s also a great picnic spot. 


Go thrifting at Second Act

Second Act is a thrift store in the village of Cedarville. They sell cute and trendy second-hand clothing for a respectable price. Grab a group of friends and go find your new favorite piece for your wardrobe!

Off-campus adventures are fun, but on-campus activities can be a blast! They are free and easy to get a group of friends together.


Have a dorm movie night with friends

You don’t have to leave campus to have a great time with your friends. Have a movie night with the guys or gals in your hall or unit. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and enjoy each other’s company. 


Play campus golf

Campus golf is a staple activity at Cedarville. You can grab golf clubs and tennis balls at the Rec Center. How does it work? Essentially, you and your friends pick a target as the hole (a tree or a building) and attempt to hit it in the fewest number of strokes possible. It’s the perfect sunny day activity on campus and is also a great way to have a friendly competition with your friends.


Climb the rock wall 

Did you know that Cedarville’s Rec Center has a 36-foot indoor rock wall? Not only is it a great way to get exercise, but it’s a great activity to make new friends. 

There are plenty of fun and entertaining activities to take part in on and off Cedarville’s campus. With a little creativity, you can truly see that there is much to do here in the ‘Ville!

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