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February 17, 2022 by

People will tell you that your four years at Cedarville will go by quickly, but when you are freshly entering day 1 out of your 1000 days, it feels like you have all the time in the world before you walk across the graduation stage. I have a little less than 100 days left at Cedarville before I graduate in May, and it has been so bittersweet to reflect on the memories that I have made in Cedarville, Ohio, a place filled with people and memories who now occupy a big piece of my heart.  

Allow me to take you with me down memory lane as I look at some of my Cedarville highlights, one from each of my four years as a Yellow Jacket! 


Freshman Year: Printy Wars! 

Let me set the stage for you. Printy Wars is a competition between every unit in Printy, a girl’s dorm made up of mostly freshmen. It happens within the first two weeks of arriving on campus in the dorm’s parking lot. As a girl who loves some organized minute-to-win-it games and good competition, I was stoked. As units prepare, they pick a theme for their unit and dress up, decorate parking spots, and practice a fun introduction. My units dressed up like characters from Shrek with our brother RA (Resident Assistant) as Lord Farquaad. We performed a dance for our introduction and brought the ENERGY. It was a blast. We competed in games such as eating a hanging donut from a string and throwing cheese puffs at our RA’s shaving cream-covered face. Then we competed in tug-o-war, all while students from other dorms watched excitedly and cheered, creating a great atmosphere!

And to top it all off, my units won Printy Wars!!! 

What were we competing for, you might ask? For a golden spray-painted, Medusa head … and for our P-town pride! Printy Wars is one of the first events I remember from freshmen year at Cedarville, and it brought me closer to the friends that I was making within my units (some of them are still my closest college friends/housemates!) and assured me that Cedarville was going to provide me with memorable, fun experiences while I spent time learning about my major and my God! 


Sophomore Year: ALT nights! 

ALT nights allow students to have fun with friends for free! ALT nights are planned by our student-led Campus Activities Board (CAB) and usually include activities, competitions, live music, food, and a movie with multiple showings in our theater on campus! I especially love the ALT events centered around the holiday season, including a fall-themed night with pumpkin carving and caramel apples and the Campus Christmas ALT where we watched Home Alone, decorated Christmas cookies, played LED minigolf, and watched friends perform Christmas karaoke. 


Junior Year: Elliv!  

Elliv, pronounced Ah-LEEv (“Ville” spelled backward), is an experience that seeks to embody the talent of Cedarville student’s creativity through music, humor, awards and much more. The year’s theme was The Show Must Go On. Students either dress up in fun costumes, black-tied attire, or something in between. My friends and I wore dresses and were ready to PARTY! We jammed to good music, watched stand-up comedy acts from the hosts and funny videos made by fellow students, and saw someone win the “best Cedarville dad” award. We made a mosh pit during the last performances, where people crowd surfed, jumped, and sang. Afterward, my friends, and it seemed like most of campus, drove to Taco Bell and continued the party in the drive-thru line. I am convinced that these kinds of nights are what college mems are made of! 


Senior Year: 100 Days Party! 

How am I already here? Just a few weeks ago, the seniors got together and celebrated 100 days until we become college graduates. We drank punch, ate cake, listened to music, and talked with each other about how we cannot believe how fast time has gone! I am incredibly grateful for my time as a Cedarville student. It has been filled with studying, late night food runs, Just Dance parties in the BTS, communication and Bible classes, Discipleship Ministries, Campus Experience, and intramural sports. I am also grateful for the next 1000 days and how the Lord will provide in them. Let’s all remember to lean on the Lord as new seasons begin and current seasons end; He is consistently faithful through it all! 

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