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Ever since I came to Cedarville, people have been asking me what my favorite part of the school is, and I always answer, without hesitation, “The people! Without a doubt, the people!” 

Growing up homeschooled, I didn’t spend as much time with people as I would have liked, and coming to Cedarville has certainly made up for it. Friends who came with me to Cedarville University agree that there are not only many opportunities to make friends, but the people that gather together at Cedarville are some of the kindest and godliest people we have ever met and have been such great peers and companions to be with us for our classes, our work, and our walk with Christ. 

Now of course, being a private Christian college, Christianity can be found in nearly every aspect of the school, especially the classes. The professors do a fabulous job, in my opinion, of sharing objective and secular opinions of science, psychology, and literature while not excluding our religious way of thinking in the slightest way. There have been many debates in my English classes on secular literature and how to view them as Christians. My professors have encouraged us to offer questions and to state our thoughts and beliefs on certain subjects, such as what amount of secular literature is good for the Christian soul and if it is worth our time and focus. There have been many debates and discussions on this and other related subjects in my classes and, though occasionally heated, have never been damaging. We listened to one another and considered the other’s point of view while not needing to be afraid to share our own. 

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Cedarville is a place where you can be open about your faith, for while it is a Christian school, we cannot pretend to be perfect Christian students. The friends I’ve made here have helped me to grow stronger in my faith, model my beliefs after the Bible more and more, and reassure me that God is working through my life even when things are rough. We acknowledge that we are humans with sinful natures, and we encourage each other to persevere in the name of Christ. My shift lead at Chick-Fil-A for example is one of the most spiritually bold people I have ever met. He asks us “closing questions” as we’re cleaning up for the night and a lot of them are related to our faith. I found it so uplifting to talk about my faith, share when I became a Christian, and getting to know more about others’ faith and their walk with Christ. 

There’s a window of opportunity for making friends in classes and at work, but another way of making friends that Cedarville happily gives us is through Bro-Sis. For those who may be unaware, it is simply a short name for your brother or sister residence hall. For instance, this year I am in Johnson Hall Upper Front, so my brother hall is St. Clair Upper Front. The average Bro-Sis activities are the occasional dinner together, dinner with just the girls or just the boys once in a while, then Bro-Sis brunch on Saturdays. As well as dinners, you can typically count on your Bro-Sis group to save you seats at chapel, and believe me, you want that! 

Aside from dinner and chapel seats, most Bro-Sis groups come up with fun activities to do throughout the year, and those activities can be wild at times. One of my first ever Bro-Sis activities was a hike through the Indian Mounds. It was such a fine time to get to know the people in my hall and share a mini adventure with them. It was August, still warm, and I remember how much fun it was to explore the wildlife of Ohio. It was so much fun climbing the mossy rocks and jumping (and at times falling) into the creek. I got to know my brother hall a little better and spent quality time with my roommate. It was a fun time and a memory I hold dear. Along with hiking, there was also a Christmas worship night, an impromptu trip to Waffle House, and a PowerPoint night. For those who may not have had the pleasure of partaking in a PowerPoint night, it is an event where a group of people individually make a PowerPoint presentation on virtually anything, just so long as it’s fun. Last year, my Bro-Sis’ PowerPoint night included such presentations as “Biggest ‘Bruh’ Moments in the Bible” and “List of Animals I Could Beat in a Fight.”  

Students hiking at Indian Mounds.

My Bro-Sis group this year has been equally wonderful with a kind and funny group of guys and gals with trips to sunflower fields and a cinnamon roll breakfast in the lounge. The former of these events was a particular favorite of mine filled with many laughs, jump scares in the flower field, and consuming hot apple cider for the first time. Of course, some Bro-Sis groups do more than others, but rest assured that there is typically at least one person in your hall who you’ll be able to talk to on a regular basis, and it is certainly a great opportunity to meet people. I’m so thankful Cedarville provides that opportunity! 

Group of students at Peifer Orchards.

Even the people who you don’t see or talk to often will be some of the nicest people you have ever met. There is one instance in particular I remember well, mainly because it was one of the most painful experiences of my freshman year. I was working on homework in my room when I got a call from my mom; not wanting to disturb my roommate I went into the hall. My mom had called to tell me that the cat I had had since I was five had passed away the other night. I crumpled onto the floor in the middle of the hall, unable to work up the energy to move, and cried harder than I had in years. A girl who lived a few doors down from me saw me crying. She went to her room and soon returned and placed a chocolate in my hands. “Let me know if you need anything or something you need to talk about,” she said. “My door’s right down there.” I thanked her and she went back to her room. It’s been over a year since then, but I am still so touched by that act of kindness. We had only one interaction before that when she let me wait in her room for my roommate to come back after I locked myself out of the room (another event in which I was equally touched). 

Now, of course not everyone at Cedarville is perfect, but I can almost guarantee that some of the most wonderful people in the world are in this school, and it is for that reason alone I would recommend Cedarville to any potential student to come and join our community. They are some of the kindest, most welcoming people on the planet and such a delight to be around. Of course, if you are like my brother and think the people here “smile too much” or are “too nice” then maybe it is not the school for you. But I feel like there is at least one good friend to be found at Cedarville for anybody. 

Group of students on an airplane.

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