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We are surrounded by writing! Some of it is good. Some of it… not so much. Use these tips and tricks to elevate yourself above the average writers!

“Wow, this made me cry in my car on lunch break. Thank you for this. I don’t feel very beautiful these days, as my medical condition is worsening. That poem …

Joy in Writing

You can hardly type fast enough as your fingers fly across the keys. Your thoughts compose sentences rapidly, and you can’t wait to get everything out on the screen. All …

Graduation looms a few months in my future. Like a swarm of vultures circling a carcass, people shriek the daunting question from every direction: What are you going to do …

Group projects are an inevitable part of college, especially in the Professional Writing program at Cedarville. But don’t let this scare you! Like many others, I prefer to complete assignments by myself rather than with a group. However, my time as a professional writing student has shown me the beauty and importance of working with others.

The Woes of Writing

I wish it came easy. I wish I could sit down and write. I wish there wasn’t always a battle. It was only a few months before I graduated high school that God made it perfectly clear to me PWID was where He wanted me.

I have never been very confident in my grammar, spelling, or punctuation skills. I remember sitting in my 4th grade grammar class and absolutely dreading having to recall the definition of a predicate out loud. In my mind, editing was equivalent to math: it was confusing, rigid, and frankly, very boring. And little did I know that editing would be a central part of my future career path and, ironically, one of my favorite things to do.