January 8, 2019

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra

All organizations must have a clear vision and plan to accomplish the goals before them. This is no different for the School of Pharmacy. In 2018, the faculty and staff took time to reevaluate our mission, vision, goals, and strategic plan. A number of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and advisory council members were involved in this process. In the end, our strategic plan was formed to align well with our mission, vision, and goals in order to meet the current and anticipated needs of our students and alumni. Let me take a moment to remind you of our mission and vision.

Our mission: Cedarville University School of Pharmacy equips student pharmacists to assess and meet the comprehensive health needs of diverse populations through patient-centered care, servant leadership, ethical decision making, interprofessional collaboration, scholarly
innovation, and continued personal and professional development.

Our vision: Cedarville University School of Pharmacy will be the school of choice for Christian pharmacy students, known for excellence, character, faith integration, and collaborative service.

In order to stay true to our mission and accomplish our vision, the goals of the School were then reevaluated. By and large, these remain the same: Character, Global Service, Ethics, Collaboration, Innovation, and Servant Leadership. The most significant change involved modifying the last goal to “Servant Leadership” from “Leadership Development.” While on the surface this may seem like a simple semantic change, the emphasis on service as a key aspect of leadership more clearly communicates the type of leaders we desire our students and alumni to be. While all pharmacists serve the needs of patients, servant leadership implies a conscious choice to embody humility, respect others, and lead by example. Ultimately, this shift in emphasis also points our minds to Christ himself, who though having authority over all as the Son of God, humbled himself for the sake of those who would follow him (Phil 2:5-11).

Lastly, the School’s strategic plan was then reviewed and updated to align with our mission, vision, and goals.The previous strategic plan was organized into three categories: Students, Faculty and Staff, and the School. The new strategic plan was reorganized so that each strategic aim aligned with the goals of the School. As the strategic implementation plan was created, measurable outcomes were refined to help us clearly evaluate success. In addition, a communication plan was put in place to keep students, faculty, staff, alumni, and key partners updated on the trajectory of the School of Pharmacy.

Our hope is that these focused times of genuine reflection and prayerful planning will be used by God to empower each of our students to serve the holistic healthcare needs of others with compassion, excellence, and gospel hope.

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