October 20, 2021

Pharmacy’s Response to COVID-19

Renee Allison, Pharm.D. ’22, is making a difference as an AphA APPE student. She recently posted an article she wrote on the American Pharmacists Association message board. In it, she shared resources surrounding vaccine confidence and patient outreach, and you can read it below.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists have played a crucial role on the front lines. However, vaccine confidence remains a global challenge. Through a cooperative agreement with the CDC, APhA’s Vaccine Confident website supplies pharmacists with many tools and resources needed to build vaccine confidence within their communities. Key information regarding COVID-19 vaccines, how to answer commonly asked questions, and resources to best navigate patient outreach can be accessed on the site.

With the help of fellow pharmacists and student pharmacists, APhA launched a series of short videos designed to empower pharmacists to deliver key COVID-19 vaccine information. We encourage you to reference and share these videos with your colleagues and network. 

Learn how pharmacists can approach each of the following questions: 

  • What can pharmacists do to help combat the spread of misinformation/disinformation? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists build trust in credible sources of information, when patients have concerns about how the information is frequently changing? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists empower patients to differentiate between credible information and misinformation? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists address concerns about breakthrough cases to build and maintain vaccine confidence? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists reinforce the importance of everyone getting vaccinated? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists discuss the potential need for booster doses? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists respond to patients who express concerns about potential conflicts of interest driving recommendations? (see video) 
  • What can pharmacists share with parents who have questions about vaccinating their children? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists help young adults understand the importance of being vaccinated? (see video) 
  • What should pharmacists know about full vaccine approval and how it differs from emergency use authorization? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists convey the importance of getting vaccinated to individuals who already had COVID-19? (see video) 
  • How can pharmacists address vaccine mandates with staff or others? (see video) 


Renee Allison
Cedarville University
PharmD Candidate 2022
APhA APPE Student

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