What Do I Do If I Don’t Like My Major?

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March 23, 2021 by

Have you ever heard a college graduate say that they changed their major 600 times? 

So, you worry that the major you have chosen might not really be for you and that you want to change it! What do you do? This is the dilemma that I was faced with after my freshman year of college. I started and finished three full semesters as a political science major, until I realized that a career in politics just wasn’t for me.

Did you know that over half of Cedarville students change their major at least once? No matter where you are in your quest for the perfect major, you’re in the same boat as at least half of your classmates and friends. Find comfort in that!

So, you want to change your major? Here is some advice to consider as you are simultaneously overwhelmed with options and also underwhelmed with knowing what you want to do:


Talk to Your Friends and Family

Talk to the people who know you best. Ask them what they see in you, what they can see you doing someday. As I was looking to change my major, I asked my parents and close friends to share different qualities, strengths, weaknesses, and skills that they saw in me. They also pointed out different passions that they noticed of mine that I didn’t even know could be passions, let alone potential career paths.

You may be passionate about people, art, healthcare, rocks (shoutout to all the geology majors out there!), ministry, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t feel that you fit the mold of a common or “normal” major. There are so many unique majors that Cedarville offers with either specific or broad concentrations within each different major. You might not notice them unless you seek them out. Google will quickly become your best friend! Make a list of your passions and skills and start researching!


Talk to Your Advisor

So, I was in my third semester at Cedarville knowing that I wanted to switch my major. I now knew my passions, but what major should I choose? Who better to talk to about your options than your academic advisor! Your advisors are there to help you with your class scheduling, your course planning, and to help you talk about internships, jobs, life, and your academic or vocational future! They want to see you follow the Lord’s direction and are committed to helping you get there.

I scheduled a meeting with my advisor and told him how I felt the Lord pulling me in a different direction academically and personally. After hearing me talk about my passions and random ideas, my advisor encouraged me to talk to the chair of the communication department, Dr. Green, my current academic advisor! My conversations with each of them helped me to narrow down my love for people, writing, and interpersonal communication.


Talk to God

(photo taken 2019)

Dr. White says often that at Cedarville, we are here to find the place where our skills and passions intersect and work hard in them to glorify Christ. God gave us our skills and passions for a reason! Ask Him to reveal them to you. Ask Him to use this time that feels like a waiting period for His glory! Write your prayers in your journal, on a sticky note, on your mirror or laptop, or make it your phone background and PRAY! 

God reveals His purposes and plans to us in His timing but be encouraged that He has a specific plan for your life. The Lord knows your future and is preparing you for each new season and decision He is bringing into your life. He cares about your worries and concerns about your major, so talk to Him about them! Ultimately, He is the one who brings clarity, direction, and peace.


You Have Not Wasted Time!

Lastly, I want to encourage you that any time you spent in another major, or as an undeclared major, was not gone to waste. God does not bring us through different seasons for nothing. I spent several months believing that if only I had listened to God sooner, that I would have started as a communication major in the first place! But, as God reveals things to us in His time, sometimes we take a more unconventional path to get to where God is leading. God answers every prayer in His perfect sovereignty; no matter how big or small it seems.


I am excited for you to begin your journey at Cedarville! At Cedarville, you will be surrounded by professors and peers who want to see you encouraged and following God’s path for you! Get excited about what God will do through you at Cedarville as you seek to find your passions and skills and to serve the Lord in your future career.

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