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November 14, 2022 by


I have changed majors six times.   


Yes, you read that correctly.  


Since my freshman year, I have gone through six major changes.  


First there was pharmacy. That lasted a semester. Although Cedarville does offer an accelerated plan, I just knew a doctoral degree wasn’t for me. Then there was political science. It was fun while it lasted. Next came international studies, which requires proficiency in a foreign language. Fun fact about me: I am not a language person. And yet, for some reason, I thought I could learn Arabic. Nope. Then came nursing. This was the longest I had ever stayed in a major… a whole year. Wow, someone pop the confetti on that one. Once I realized that dealing with bodily fluids really wasn’t for me, I made a last-ditch effort and changed to criminal justice. But even that, I knew, wasn’t right.  


I was going into my junior year at this point. I was supposed to have my life figured out by now. I was supposed to know what I wanted to do. I was supposed to be passionate about my major. 

But I wasn’t. Instead of feeling excited for the future, I was scared. Terrified. And I dreaded it. I felt as if I was being blindly led down a path that was full of cracks, loose gravel, and fallen trees. When I would finally find my footing, I would stumble and fall once again. It was never ending. 

I was exhausted with the tears, the anger, the self-doubt, and the confusion. I was tired of going to my family and friends and telling them that I had changed my major. Again. I was tired of feeling lost.  


Except I wasn’t lost. I was exactly where I needed to be. 

The beauty of college is that it will grow and stretch you further than you ever thought possible. It will push you to your limits, but in all the best ways. More importantly, it will remind you that you need to rely on Christ first and foremost. I don’t need to know all the answers because He does.  


If you are worried about college because you don’t know what you want to major in, or you feel completely lost and overwhelmed by the prospects, don’t be discouraged. You don’t have to have all of the answers right now. Trust in the One who knows your path. He will guide your steps. Pray and seek God’s wisdom. 

If you start your college career and feel like you are not in the right major, don’t be discouraged. We change when we come to college. What we used to be passionate about might not be the case anymore. We learn. We grow. We change. Don’t be afraid of this. If you are unhappy in your major, pray. Pray that the Lord will guide you and help you to make the right decision.  


My next piece of advice is to do your research. Cedarville, specifically Career Services, has a lot of resources for students who may be unsure about their major; don’t be afraid to ask for help! Not only that but do research into all the different majors that Cedarville has to offer. Reach out to professors, ask questions, and even sit in on a class or two to see if that major is something you are interested in. This might sound silly but look through the course catalog! Every year, Cedarville releases a course catalog that will tell you everything you need to know about a major, its requirements, and its classes. If I’m being honest, I could probably recite the course catalog front to back by now. I read that thing probably a thousand times in my journey to figuring out my major. Cedarville has so many opportunities for students. Take advantage of them! 


It’s OK not to know. It’s OK to change your major. Let me be the first one to tell you that. The summer going into my junior year, I was nervous to say the least. I was nervous that I was trying to shove a square into a round hole. It will be fine, I would tell myself over and over again. But these whispered thoughts did nothing to calm my nerves.  


One week before I was supposed to leave to come back to Cedarville, my mom asked me the dreaded question. “Are you sure you are happy with your major?” Part of me wanted to lie and just say yes. But my insides were screaming no, no, no. I am not happy. Sure, I could be happy, and I could make it work. But was it worth it? No.

I broke down in a puddle of tears. Once again, I felt helpless and like I had no purpose. Had I just wasted two years of my life on an education that right now, accounted for nothing? All I could do was once again, pray. To lay all my anxieties, worries, and fears at the foot of the cross. Spirit, lead me.  


The one thing that didn’t occur to me until that moment was that in all of my major switches, there was one continuity: I wanted to write. In every single major, I wanted to do something that involved writing. Upon realizing that Cedarville had a professional writing and information design major (it’s a mouthful), I was thrilled. Finally, I felt like I was home. The final switch was easy and smooth sailing. For the first time, I wasn’t nervous about entering the semester. I wasn’t nervous that I wasn’t going to like my major. I was excited. It was all worth it. Now, as I am almost a semester into this new major, I could not be happier. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not thanking Jesus for His faithfulness and kindness toward me. Not only have I found a major that I absolutely love, but I still will graduate on time with the rest of my class. Thank You, Jesus.  


It’s OK not to know. It’s OK to change your major. College is full of new and exciting things, but it is meant to grow and shape us. We aren’t always going to know all the answers. Don’t be afraid of this. Lean on the One who does know. He will guide your steps.

If you start college and get into your first chemistry class, or accounting, or engineering, or whatever it is, and you suddenly realize that it isn’t right for you, don’t be scared. Don’t be alarmed. Talk to your parents. Talk to other students. Talk to upperclassmen. Talk to faculty and staff. Reach out to people. Ask for help and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone at Cedarville wants you to succeed. In the end, do something that you are truly passionate about. And if you don’t know what that is yet, it’s OK. It took me two years to figure that out. It might take you a while, too.

Most importantly, remember that our real calling is to live our lives for Christ and to share the Gospel. This is our calling. This is our mission. This is our “major.” No matter what major you choose at Cedarville, know that the Bible is integrated into every aspect of it. You will learn how to be a Christian teacher. Or a Christian nurse. Or a Christian biologist. You will learn what it means to live out your faith in a corporate and secular work environment. This is the most important thing, no matter what your major is or your future job entails. Remember your true calling. Remember why you are here.  


Although my college experience has been a whirlwind of emotions, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have loved every aspect of my time here at Cedarville. I can’t wait to see the ways that the Lord continues to work through me. As you think about college and your major, I encourage you to pray faithfully. Pray that Jesus would lead you. Pray that He will work through you for His glory. Don’t be afraid of not knowing the answers for what’s coming because He does. Take comfort in this. Rest in the One who will fill you up.  


It’s OK to not know. It’s OK to change your major.  

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