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How Did I Choose My Major?

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March 3, 2023 by

When it came time to choose a college and declare a major, Cedarville was a no-brainer. It was at the top of my list and the only school I ever seriously considered attending. Knowing my interest in reading and writing, my parents assumed that I would become an English or history major. It came as a serious shock when I told them that I wanted to study broadcasting, digital media, and journalism. 

Why not English, or marketing, or a major that I had actually heard of? I didn’t even really know what broadcasting was when I initially chose it. Although it may have seemed like a random choice, I would soon discover that it was the perfect major for me.  

Endless Possibilities

Broadcasting, digital media, and journalism (BDMJ) may be one of the most diverse majors Cedarville offers. Students take classes in audio and video production, writing, animation, networking, law, and management. Graduates have gone on to work in radio, television, streaming, journalism, photography, podcasting, web design, advertising, social media management, and many other jobs. The options are nearly endless, and with four concentrations available, students can adapt their studies for nearly any media career!

Small Major, Big Heart

With such a range of study and career options, BDMJ students may seem to have nothing in common. This is far from true! While the surface of our interests may seem different (some students prefer writing, others video, others audio), we are all united by one thing: a love for their art.

Some of my classmates are writers, like me! Others are videographers, musicians, and audio engineers. Each of these disciplines is an art form. Videographers learn to film so that they can capture a moment on video, preserving it for an audience. Audio engineers build a soundscape from the ground up, choosing sound effects and music and recording dialogue. Musicians translate their thoughts and emotions into a song that can be shared with listeners. Social media managers interact directly with their audience and personify their brand. Whatever shape their storytelling may take, BDMJ students learn to become experts at taking an idea and communicating it to their audience. 

When I was researching BDMJ, I could tell that the major was full of students who, like me, love creating things and telling stories. Now that I’m three years in, I can say for a fact that this is true. Getting the opportunity to learn alongside my classmates and develop our interests together is exciting! 

More Than Media

Like many high schoolers, I had a very hazy grasp on the good and bad aspects of media. Media can bring people together and encourage the sharing of ideas. But in the secular world, it can have negative uses as well. I was a little daunted by the idea of making media my major! But as I learned more about the program, my fears would quickly be set aside.

At Cedarville, students learn to think of media through a biblical lens. BDMJ professors encourage students to think of their work as more than a job. No matter what specific vocation they go into, students learn to consider their job a calling from God. For a BDMJ student, media isn’t just media- it’s an art form to be used to glorify God. 

Even the technical side of BDMJ is an art. The programs and tools that BDMJ majors will use in their career are available for them to practice with while they are still in school. I’ve never been a huge tech person, so I was a little worried when I started school and realized I had very little idea what to do with most of the tools we were using in class! Becoming proficient with a camera or recording software can take years, but the professors at Cedarville make sure students take the time to develop their skills and learn to think of technology as an instrument of creativity instead of something daunting.  

I got the opportunity to speak to several BDMJ professors when I first toured Cedarville. I could immediately tell that they were passionate about their work, and about Cedarville students! They were eager to talk to me about the program, about the work graduates had gone on to do, and about opportunities to get involved at Cedarville.  

In my first semester as a student, I got to interact with my professors more. I found that they were always ready to answer my questions, even random ones. One of the great things about Cedarville professors, and especially BDMJ profs, is that they truly do want their students to succeed and are willing to put the extra time in to help students develop into well-rounded professionals! From job and internship recommendations, to mentoring, to fun conversations about mutual interests, BDMJ professors are among the best.  

Why Did I Choose BDMJ?

Between the endless options for career development, the focus on glorifying God through our talents, the faculty’s enthusiasm for their students’ growth, and the myriad of future career possibilities, BDMJ seemed like a no-brainer to me! Who knows? Maybe it’s a no-brainer for you, too! If you’re like me and love creativity and thinking of new ways to share stories with others, BDMJ might be a great fit for you. 

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