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October 19, 2020

Curious what content strategy is and why we have a whole class dedicated to it? Dr. Nick Carrington introduces us to content strategy and why it is important as Professional Writing students that we understand how to write, edit and manage content.

1. What is content strategy?

Content Strategy is how we manage content from its conception until we archive or delete it. A content strategist will do similar work to a managing editor of a publication. He or she will organize the people writing content across an organization, identify what messages the organization wants to send, and help write and edit the content. Just as a managing editor is in charge of content for a publication, the content strategist manages content across an entire organization.

2. Why do we teach content strategy?

Our students can adapt their writing and editing skills to different environments, including publishing houses, ministries/non-profits, and corporate environments. Content strategists are writing and editing experts who manage an abundance of content in any of these organizations. The fit is natural.

3. What projects do students complete at the end of this course?

Students create fictitious characters that help them visualize their audience, write and design a homepage, and write and edit content for a website, publication, or other online document. They have the opportunity to craft their own experience within certain boundaries. Students who are interested in publishing can work on a publisher’s site, creating content that an editor might produce to show the appeal of the publisher. Students who want to work in a ministry can focus on writing and editing within that context.

4. What is the day-to-day like in the classroom?

As with most PWID classes, we don’t do a lot of lecturing. We discuss important concepts, and students practice applying those skills through analyzing their client and audience and writing content. We are active in the classroom, working together to solve communication problems.

5. What kind of writers would enjoy this work?

Writers and editors who like variety will love content strategy. Students who love editing but don’t want to work for a publisher will find a home in this class because they get to create a strategy and improve the work of others. Organizations need content strategists, and our students are prepared to fulfill these roles.

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