February 20, 2023

Late on the night of June 11, 2022, I desperately searched through Cedarville’s undergraduate course guide. I was considering switching my major and was curious to see what else Cedarville offered. While scrolling, I landed on the Professional Writing and Information Design (PWID) section. Every class looked fascinating, and I was eager to learn more about the program.  After reading some articles on the PWID blog, The Write Major, my decision was set, and I switched my major to Professional Writing and Information Design immediately. 

Although I was confident when I made my decision, fear and anxiety began to flow through my mind as the next semester approached. Will there be many job opportunities? Will I still be able to get a career in advertising? Will it be hard to make friends in a small major? I didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I could feel God telling me to trust Him.  

 Summer ended quickly and I found myself sitting in Dr. Carrington’s Introduction to Professional Writing class. Unlike other classes I had experienced, it was discussion-based and filled with group interaction. On the first day, I searched the room for a familiar face. All of the beginner Professional Writing majors were seated around me. They were strangers, the same strangers that would soon become my closest sisters in Christ. 

I fell deeper in love with my new major. All of the freshman PWID majors formed a friend group. The Introduction to Professional Writing class gave us the push we needed to bond. We decided to grab lunch together every day after class and gather at a local coffee shop every Tuesday for fellowship. We were able to relate to and rely on one another. Our friendship went beyond writing. We helped one another spiritually by striving together to grow closer to God. Now I can’t imagine my life without these friends. God resolved one of my fears. He used this major to give me my sisters. 

God used the words of Dr. Carrington to comfort another of my biggest fears. During the Intro class, he told us about numerous job opportunities in the professional writing field that pay well and are enjoyable: technical writing, copywriting, content writing, editing, marketing, advertising, instructional design, and more. While listening to him speak, I could feel a huge burden being lifted from my shoulders. I will be able to find a stable career, I thought to myself. While relishing in my relief, I heard Dr. Carrington say to the class, “Dream big, you can be an author if that is your passion.” I had never shared with anyone that I desired to become an author. I always thought of it as a silly aspiration, yet here I was being told my dreams could become a reality.

I was challenged by the major as well. Dr. Carrington graded our papers as if we were writing professionals and he was an editor. After the first paper, I was shocked and questioned if I was good enough to be a writer. I even questioned if this major was for me. A lot of my peers were getting higher grades than I was. The same question tormented me for a week. Why am I not as good as them? 

I fought this internal war for a long time and felt hopeless. Once more, I doubted if I had done the right thing by switching to the PWID major. I even began to doubt if I belonged at Cedarville. 

With the unrest still lingering in my heart, I met with the other PWID freshman to go to a Shane and Shane concert at Cedarville. We were all eager to meet with God through worship together. As the concert ended, everyone started to leave the chapel, yet we stayed. We sat in a circle and bowed our heads. One by one each of us said a prayer while comforting one another. We all began to cry while pouring our hearts out to the Lord. After it was my turn to speak, the war ceased as I realized that none of us is perfect. 

Individually we were all broken, but together we’re made whole. This small major provided me with a safe space to call out to God.

Later that night, my roommate sat down with me and asked, “Do you believe you are a good writer?” I replied, “Yes.” Once more she asked, “ Do you love writing?” I replied, “Yes, with everything in me.” She looked me in the eyes, “Then know that you are enough. You are a good enough writer. But remember, your identity comes from Christ, not your writing.” 

I knew I was a good writer and was willing to do everything in my being to become better. Regardless of my writing ability, God says I’m enough.

After long nights of hard work, I received the grade I had hoped for. 

God had to break me, to create a masterpiece. 

I don’t know what lies ahead for me as a PWID major, but I know that this major is wonderful for making close friends. I know that the professors truly care about helping me grow as a writer and as a Christian. I know that impulsively switching to PWID at 12:05 am was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Laci Strouse

Laci Strouse is a freshman Professional Writing and Information Design major.


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