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New Website Design Launched

April 11, 2022

Cedarville’s Marketing and Communications launched a new, refreshed Cedarville University website. The organizational hierarchy remains intact — all the pages you visit most frequently are still in the same places, and all your bookmarks will still work. Here’s a summary of the new changes you will see: The majority of... View Article

Moving from Zoom to Teams for Video Meetings: FAQs and Instructional Videos

March 28, 2022

Microsoft Teams will be Cedarville University’s standard video conferencing and team collaboration platform, effective Tuesday, April 5. Zoom usage via Cedarville University Zoom Pro licenses will no longer be available following that date. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What will happen to my Zoom Pro license on April 5? A: All... View Article

Zoom Phased Out April 5, Replaced by Microsoft Teams

March 22, 2022

Microsoft Teams will be Cedarville University’s standard video conferencing and team collaboration platform, effective Tuesday, April 5. Zoom will no longer be available following that date. Over the last few months, Information Technology has been meeting with departments about using Microsoft Teams for workspace chat, teleconferencing and videoconferencing, and file storage... View Article

IT Used Computer and A/V Equipment Sale

March 15, 2022

IT has added used classroom projectors to the Used Computer & Equipment Sale in addition to three models of iMac computers and professional audio equipment. The projectors, computers, and audio equipment are clearance-priced, so don’t wait! Stock is limited. All equipment sold through the Used Computer and Equipment Sale is... View Article

Network Maintenance on March 10, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST

March 10, 2022

Network Maintenance at 7:30 PM EST  We apologize for the late notice. Information Technology personnel will be doing some network maintenance and testing this evening, March 10, 2022 beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST. The most likely side effect you might encounter is if you come to campus during that time, your mobile... View Article

Network Maintenance March 7

March 3, 2022

Next Monday, March 7, Information Technology department personnel will be replacing critical equipment in the University’s primary data center. This work will begin at 8 p.m. and should be completed by midnight. Although we are taking steps to minimize downtime, we do anticipate two brief 2-4-minute outages for the phone... View Article

Microsoft Teams Training

February 15, 2022

So you’ve learned how to save your files to OneDrive, and you vaguely remember something called SharePoint. Now Microsoft Teams comes along. It can be confusing. IT wants to help you understand how Teams can combine these technologies to help you better communicate to faculty, staff, and students via meetings... View Article

Slow On-Campus Internet Connections

February 3, 2022

Our primary internet connection is down (probably ice-related). We are using our slower backup link which is causing slow page loads, occasional timeouts, and general sluggishness of web resources. Our internet provider is working on restoring service of our primary internet connection.

Changes to Canvas Login Page

February 1, 2022

On Wednesday, February 2, Web Services and IT will facilitate a change in how people log in to Canvas. With the addition of CUEnrich as a continuing education platform for Cedarville, a new login page will allow users to choose if they are faculty, staff, student, or a CUEnrich user.... View Article