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Telephone Support Has a New Number

April 27, 2021

Support for University desk phones and cell phones is moving to Information Technology from Operations.   Instead of filing a Maintenance Work Order, simply visit https://cedarville.edu/phones or visit the ServeCU IT Service portal at Cedarville.edu/ServeCU. After authenticating, select Request Help/Browse Service Catalog and select the Telephones, Cellphones, & Voicemail service. Alternatively, give us... View Article

Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive

April 27, 2021

Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive For many years, most of Cedarville’s files have been stored in network drives. These drives, usually known by their alphabet soup of drive letters (i.e., H:, J:, S: or T:) are automatically made available on any University-provided computer after login, but perform poorly today... View Article

Identity Management Day 2021

April 13, 2021

Today is Identity Management Day! Securing our digital identities is critical to protecting our personal information and our identities from theft and fraud. The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) and the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) are proud to present the first Identity Management Day, an annual awareness event which takes... View Article

CedarNet User Name Change Requests

April 6, 2021

Three times a year at the end of each semester, IT allows students, faculty, and staff to request a change in their CedarNet user name. Reasons for requesting a change include the desire for a shorter login name or a change in your last name (e.g., marriage). The CedarInfo transaction... View Article