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Campus Wireless Network Upgrade

December 14, 2017

During the Christmas break, the networking team will be updating the software that runs the wireless network on campus.  This work will be done Saturday, December 30, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  During this period wireless access will be very spotty.  It’s probably best to just enjoy the holidays... View Article

New Information Technology Request System Coming

December 14, 2017

Information Technology is working on an exciting project to implement new software that will handle service and project requests. TeamDynamix will replace the current Information Technology Request (ITR) system on Monday, January 22, 2018. TeamDynamix is a comprehensive web-based system designed for colleges and universities to manage requests for services,... View Article

New Google Calendar Update Coming

December 14, 2017

Google is releasing a new Calendar look, and it’s now available for your Cedarville G Suite account. You can choose to opt-in now or continue with the current calendar view until February 28, 2018, when Google Calendar will automatically transition to the new web interface. We recommend trying the new... View Article

Help Desk Phone System Upgrade

December 14, 2017

Most people get worried when they hear an upgrade is heading their way, but not Tim Bahorik, who oversees Cedarville’s IT Help Desk, which is not only getting a software upgrade to a full call center phone system, but is also serving as a beta tester for other Cedarville call... View Article

Announcing Google Drive File Stream

December 14, 2017

If you use Google Drive on your system, you will soon be prompted to upgrade due to a change to Google G Suite.  Google Drive is now called Google Drive File Stream, and it lets you access all of your Google Drive and Team Drive files from your computer while almost... View Article

Eduroam: Gobal Wi-Fi for Academia

December 14, 2017

Just in time for Christmas Break travel, Cedarville University IT announces the addition of over 1 million wireless access points in over 60 countries to our network. Cedarville has joined over 500 other institutions as a participant of the eduroam wireless federation community, which means anyone with Cedarville credentials (current... View Article

Computer Sale & Storing Data on Lab Computers

December 6, 2017

Computer Sale Information Technology is selling used HP 6300 Pro Desktop Windows computers at deep discounted prices. Go to Computer Sale for specifications and information on pricing and ordering. Storing Data on Lab Computers A Strong Reminder: DO NOT store data on the computers in the campus computer labs. Information Technology manages the... View Article