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Cedarville University

December 14, 2017

Micah Cooper, Associate Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO), is the newest member to the Cedarville Information Technology team, but he certainly isn’t new to Cedarville. Mr. Cooper grew up on a corn field on the other side of Clifton and attended Cedar Cliff High School. He went to Miami University, graduating with a degree in communications and religion, then later returning for his MBA, then went on to work at Miami as the Director of Information Technology before returning to Cedarville to join the University’s IT team this fall.

Mr. Cooper believes that being the CIO isn’t just about keeping things going; it’s about making sure our students can interact with others around the world and succeed in ministries wherever they go. “The role of the CIO isn’t to be the expert. It’s really the one who knows the people and how to bring people together,” he explained. He approaches technology as more than a necessity; for him, it’s about the interactions people have with each other because of it. “When you realize that we’re putting up a network so someone can stay in touch with their loved ones and colleagues,” he explained, “it changes the shape of what we do.”

He encourages students to make the most of the time they have at Cedarville. “You will never again have the opportunities that you have at this age and at a University to really explore yourself and explore opportunities, to take a variety of missions trips. At some point you get tied down,” he said. “So take advantage of every opportunity that you have while you’re here.”

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