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December 14, 2017

Information Technology is working on an exciting project to implement new software that will handle service and project requests. TeamDynamix will replace the current Information Technology Request (ITR) system on Monday, January 22, 2018. TeamDynamix is a comprehensive web-based system designed for colleges and universities to manage requests for services, reporting and resolving problems, project management, and knowledge base articles in an integrated manner.

We are excited about TeamDynamix because it will allow Information Technology staff to better manage requests that you submit while also giving you visibility into these requests. You will have access to an integrated portal that will allow you to easily view your service requests, problem tickets, and project requests and immediately see their current status. Other benefits of TeamDynamix include:


Service Catalog – A service catalog lists the services that IT provides and can be consumed by constituents. These services will be listed in an online, searchable portal by categories and will allow you to request them as needed. Each service will have a customized form to ensure that each request is complete and is routed to the individuals and teams responsible for the requested service.

Service Level Agreements – Many of the services offered will have a service level agreement assigned to them that will indicate how long it will take IT to typically fulfil the request.  This will not only allow for consistent service delivery from IT, but also give you an idea of how long the job will take, which will help you with planning. By assigning service level agreements to services, IT can also measure performance and make adjustments when needed.

Knowledge Base Integration – Currently our help pages are separate from the ITR system so they are not integrated in any way. As we build out our TeamDynamix system, more and more knowledge base articles will be written that will be automatically searched as you submit a problem ticket. This will allow you to view potential step-by-step solutions to a particular problem you are having.

Project Management – One of the issues with the current ITR system is that it cannot be used to manage projects effectively. TeamDynamix is an excellent project management tool that will allow departments and IT to manage projects from start to finish. This aspect of TeamDynamix will be implemented later in spring semester.

We are excited to implement TeamDynamix and are looking forward to the benefits that this system will afford not only to IT, but also to those we serve.  Here is a preview of the TeamDynamix page you will see on Jan. 22:



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