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July 22, 2014
Computer Services was renamed Information Technology (IT) a few years ago. For consistency, IT has recently renamed many of our common services. Please note the following name changes (effective immediately or as noted below).

IT Request Form (ITR)
The familiar computer service request has been renamed an IT Request. Use an online IT request (cedarville.edu/itr) to request assistance with University hardware (including printer toner), mobile devices, software, your CedarNet account, network access or programming changes. The link for the online Information Technology Request form is located on both the QuickLinks and the Services tabs of the FacStaff homepage. This change is effective immediately.

IT Help Pages
The library of over 400 CU computer help pages is being renamed the IT Help Pages (cedarville.edu/techhelp). The link for the online Information Technology Help Pages will soon be found on the Resources tab of the FacStaff homepage. Did you know that the IT Help Pages are accessed globally over 41,000 times per month? Check out the IT Help Pages for quick answers to your software and technology questions.

Technology Training
1. FacStaff computer training classes will be renamed Technology Training (cedarville.edu/techtraining). To view and register for available training classes, continue to click the Training link – located on the Resources tab of the FacStaff homepage. Each semester a variety of hands-on technology classes covering Microsoft Office, Google Apps, as well as new software, are offered for faculty and staff professional development. This change will be effective in early September.
2. CedarNet Computer Orientations for new faculty, staff and students (formerly named Computing in the ‘Ville) are now called Technology at the ‘Ville. This change is effective immediately.

TechHelp Email Account
The computer help email account has been renamed TechHelp. This change is effective immediately. During the academic year, IT student workers will answer software and technology questions sent to this account during evening and weekend shifts and aim for a 24-hour turnaround.

TechStop is the new name for Self-Provided Computer (SPC) services (cedarville.edu/techstop). Student technicians will continue to provide wireless setup and other technical support and repairs for student-owned computers, tablets and mobile devices. The CU TechStop is located on the north side of the Tyler Digital Communication Center. This change is effective for fall semester.

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