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March 25, 2015

CedarNet Password Expiration

Many CedarNet passwords are due to expire soon. Passwords will expire every 360 days for most current faculty, staff, and department accounts.

  1. You will receive a notice during the log in process that your password is about to expire.
  2. Before you change your password, read the instructions on how to create a strong password.
  3. Next, follow the instructions to change your password. This will reset your password expiration date for another 360 days.
  4. If you delay in changing your password, you will have 10 grace log ins before your CedarNet password expires and your account becomes inaccessible.
  5. If you use Google delegation for a department email account (e.g., Admissions), you may not receive any advance notice that the department password is about to expire. Instead, the department account may just stop working at some point.
  6. If you become locked out of your personal or department account, please call information technology at 937-766-7905 for a temporary password.

Moodle Updates

  1. New sections for 2015 summer and fall courses were loaded into Moodle last week and are available for faculty review.
  2. Summer 2015 rosters will be uploaded into Moodle after Easter break.
  3. If you need to add a teaching assistant or an additional faculty member to your Moodle course, please use the appropriate CedarInfo transaction, Identify Teaching Assistants (faculty) or Identify Teaching Assistants (secretaries), located under “Curricular Transactions”.

NOTE: Only current faculty, staff, and students can be added to a Moodle course. In addition, you can only add someone to courses for the term in-progress or the next immediate term. If you need to add someone to a past term course, please submit an IT Request (ITR). For future reference, please refer to the TechHelp page on this topic.

Windows Updates

Monthly Windows updates were released to campus by the networking team yesterday morning. Please submit an IT Request (ITR) if you have any problems after the updates install.

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