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May 21, 2015

Information technology is working diligently to increase CedarNet and University email account security.

Compromised Google Accounts
Over the last several months, we have had an increase in the number of attacks trying to gain access to employee and student email accounts. If the attackers are successful, they send out large numbers of phishing email messages from the victim’s account.

If you receive a message that your University email account has been disabled, it may be a result of a compromised account. Please call the Information Technology office 937-766-7905 for immediate assistance.

Duo Two-Factor Security – Strengthen Security, Available Now!
Faculty and staff participation in two-factor authentication is entirely voluntary and will provide strengthened account protection. If you wish to participate, please review the following help pages:
Two-Factor Authentication FAQ
Two-Factor Authentication Set Up and Use

Don’t Take the Bait – Phishing Cautions
Information Technology reminds you not to click on links in emails that are non-specific or seem suspicious (e.g., view this document). It is especially important not to enter personal (password) or financial (account number) information into websites you visit from links embedded in emails. Visit the website directly instead.

Recent phishing emails circulating around campus refer to Walmart, Dropbox. etc. Because University email accounts can and have been compromised, a phishing email may be sent by someone you know. Please be cautious in opening any unexpected email, even if it is from someone familiar to you.

TechTalk: Your Account Security – June 25
Plan to attend a TechTalk lunch next month where we will demonstrate actions you can take to safeguard your accounts. Register for TechTalk (choose Technology Training).

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