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April 19, 2016

Phishing Email Alert

A phishing email is circulating around campus with the subject line: REVIEW MY ATTACHED DOCUMENT and originating from a faculty member’s account. It contains an urgent message to click on a link and sign in to view a proposal in Google docs.

To Protect your CedarNet Account:

  1. Delete the email without opening it, and remove it from your trash.
  2. If you opened the email and clicked on the link — especially if you entered your login credentials when prompted — you will want to go to CedarInfo and change your CedarNet password immediately.
  3. IT strongly recommends that all faculty, staff, and students set up 4 security questions within CedarInfo to further protect their CedarNet account. Instructions are contained in the TechHelp pages (cedar.to/techhelp > search for security).
  4. The gold standard for account security is Duo Two Factor Authentication. Please search the Cedarville TechHelp pages (cedar.to/techhelp > search for duo) to locate step-by-step instructions on how to setup Duo TFA and take advantage of this account protection.

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