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Cedarville University

December 13, 2018

The networking team from Information Technology will continue our migration of buildings to our new campus backbone network. This Saturday, beginning at 7 a.m., we’ll be working in the Stevens Student Center (SSC) and the Dixon Ministry Center (DMC). There are 10 distinct “stacks” of networking devices installed in those buildings that we’ll be migrating, which will affect all computers and other networked devices connected to that equipment. As we migrate each of these stacks, there will be an outage of 1-2 minutes for the computers connected to the equipment. We’ve allocated 5 hours to do this work (7 a.m.-noon).

We’re planning to continue migrating almost all of the remaining academic buildings next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, December 20-22. Most of these are much smaller buildings with only one installation per building. We’re waiting until after grades are due so as not to disrupt our users.

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