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March 19, 2019
The Information Technology Network Team is migrating the printers connected to Cedarville’s network to a new print server.  This migration will provide better performance and easier installation of network printers.  The Network Team will begin automatic deployment of printers from the new server to your computers this week.  You will receive another communication in one week with instructions on how to check the printers installed on your computer to confirm that you have what you need.
If you would like to install your new network printers early, please reference the article at this link:  Install Network Printers or Copiers (Faculty/Staff Only).
Everyone will also gain access to “Campus Copiers,” which is a CedarPrint-like virtual printer that can hold your jobs and release them at any copier on campus after logging in with your ID card.  If you would like to print directly to the copier in your area after the changeover, you may install the new copier using the instructions at this link:  InstallNetwork Printers or Copiers (Faculty/Staff Only).
If you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming work, or if you need assistance with some of the instructions, please submit a ServeCU request at this link:Printing: Report a Problem/Request Help.

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