Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network

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August 16, 2019
The eduroam wireless network is the preferred network for all personal (not University-owned) computers. The eduroam network allows you to seamlessly and automatically connect to the network at Cedarville University and on the campuses of hundreds of participating colleges and universities, but can only do so if you use your full email address as your username.  For backwards-compatibility reasons, Information Technology initially allowed connections to eduroam using just a CedarNet username (without ““), but have found that this causes problems when attempting to connect to eduroam on the campuses of other universities. Devices attempting to log in to eduroam without “” in the username will not be able to connect.  
If you have never connected to the eduroam wireless network, use the instructions in the article Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network to connect your devices to the network.
Action needed for returning faculty, staff, and students:  
If you have previously connected to the eduroam network with only your CedarNet username (without“), please do the following to ensure that all of your devices stay connected:
1. Make your device “Forget” the eduroam network by selecting the instructions below for your device(s): 
2. Use the instructions in the article Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network to re-connect your device to the eduroam wireless network. When you connect, make sure you use your full email address as the username for eduroam. 
If you have any trouble connecting, please submit a ServeCU Request or call our IT Help Desk at 937-766-7905. 

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