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April 24, 2020
Since we’re over a month into working remotely, we need to make sure that all faculty and staff university-owned Windows computers will continue to receive security patches and new software.  Failure to follow this recommendation will put your computer at risk.
The easiest way to do this is by using the GlobalProtect VPN program to connect to CedarNet.
So if your response is:
“I’m already using the VPN program on a regular basis.”
You should be good to go. You can delete this email.  No further action is needed.
“I’m not familiar with the VPN program.”
Please see this article for instructions on installing and using the GlobalProtect VPN program.
Staying connected to CedarNet with the GlobalProtect VPN program for 6-7 hours during the day, at least two days a week, will ensure that your computer stays up to date.
If you have any difficulty at all getting GlobaProtect VPN installed and running on your computer, don’t hesitate to contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 937-766-7905.  We are more than happy to assist you.

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