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June 15, 2021

Student H: Drives to be Removed on June 30, 2021

Notice: Student H: drives will be permanently removed on June 30, 2021. IT completed the migration of student H: drives to OneDrive on May 18, 2021 as previously communicated. The files once stored on the H: drive have not been deleted but have been relocated to OneDrive. Content previously available in the S: drive, T: drive, or J: drive is available in Canvas, or by contacting your instructor, advisor, or supervisor.
For many years, most of Cedarville’s files have been stored in network drives. These drives, known by their alphabet soup of drive letters (i.e., H:, J:, S:, or T:) were automatically made available on any University-provided computer after login but performed poorly today in a world of mobile-first, always-on computing.
Cedarville University Information Technology is retiring its venerable and obsolete network drives in favor of OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage platform integrated with Office 365.
Common Questions & Answers:
Q: I had files on my H: drive that I don’t want to lose! What do I do?
A: Good news! Information Technology migrated your H: Drive files to OneDrive. H: Drive information appears in a folder named “Migrated_H_Drive” in your OneDrive.
Q: Can I start using OneDrive now?
A: Yes! Click this link to get started: Open My OneDrive. You will need to authenticate using your full Cedarville email address.
Q: What if there are files missing after the migration?
A: If there are files missing from your OneDrive that were in your H: drive before the migration, please contact us as soon as possible.
Q: What happened to my H: Drive after the migration?
A: Your H: drive was available until the first week of June in case problems came up.
Q: I did not know this was happening! Was it ever communicated?
A: Yes. This was communicated in the TechNews email messages on April 27, 2021 and May 18, 2021. You can read the archived announcements here: Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive and Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive Completed.
For additional details, go to Migrate Files to OneDrive (H: Drive migration).

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