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March 28, 2022

Microsoft Teams will be Cedarville University’s standard video conferencing and team collaboration platform, effective Tuesday, April 5. Zoom usage via Cedarville University Zoom Pro licenses will no longer be available following that date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What will happen to my Zoom Pro license on April 5?

A: All Cedarville University Zoom Pro licenses will revert to Zoom Basic licenses (also known as “free” Zoom licenses). Zoom Basic licenses have a number of limitations such as a 40 minute limit for meetings with three or more participants and the inability to record Zoom meetings to the cloud.

Q: If someone from outside of Cedarville University invites me to a Zoom meeting, will I be able to join?

A: Yes! You as the invitee will use a Zoom link provided by the originator of the Zoom meeting. The removal of the Cedarville University Zoom license will have no bearing on attending Zoom meetings created by non-Cedarville people.

Q: Can I still use the Basic “free” version of Zoom if I want to have a Zoom meeting that will last less than 40 minutes?

A: Yes! The Basic version of Zoom can still be used. However, Information Technology recommends using Microsoft Teams as the standard platform for video calls and meetings.

Q: I always used the term “Zoom meeting” for video calls and meetings. What should I call video meetings now that we are to use MS Teams?

A: Since we’re moving away from Zoom, we recommend calling the video calls and meetings “Teams video call” or “Teams video meeting.”

Other answers to Frequently Asked Questions and instructions on using Microsoft Teams for video calls and team collaboration:


During the early part of 2022, Information Technology met with departments about using Microsoft Teams for workspace chat, teleconferencing and videoconferencing, and file storage and sharing. Microsoft Teams provides the same video conferencing capabilities as Zoom without the restrictions of time and participant limits. Teams is one of many applications included in the University’s Microsoft 365 subscription. There is no longer the need to purchase a professional Zoom license to conduct video conferences longer than 40 minutes with the capability of session recording. Those and many other features are provided in Microsoft Teams at no additional cost for a pro license.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Information Technology at ext. 7905, send a text message to 937-766-7905, or submit a service request.

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