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Cedarville University

April 11, 2022
Cedarville’s Marketing and Communications launched a new, refreshed Cedarville University website. The organizational hierarchy remains intact — all the pages you visit most frequently are still in the same places, and all your bookmarks will still work. Here’s a summary of the new changes you will see:
  • The majority of the top navigation (mega menu) is now easily accessed via a more modern “hamburger” menu. You will click to view important links and resources.
  • The mega menu has been redesigned as a mobile-first option with large touch targets so it’s just as easy to access on your phone or tablet as it is on your desktop computer.
  • The small “Information For” menu items are now easy-to-find buttons and icons under “Campus Links” or at the bottom of the menu listing.
  • The link that was “Information For > Students” is now “Campus Links > myCU.”  You’ll also find direct links to access email, Canvas, and Office 365.
  • The top photo banners are shorter, allowing more of the page to be seen without scrolling.
  • Academic program pages have undergone a complete visual layout revamp, providing more focus on the things prospective students want and more flexibility to include additional program-specific features.
  • Fonts have been changed throughout.
  • Color tie-ins have been added to help visually differentiate undergraduate-, graduate-, and dual enrollment-related content.
  • Student testimonials have been added throughout.
  • Micro-animations have been added — more things move!

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