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Cedarville University

October 20, 2015

NEW Moodle Login Screen – Wed. 10/21
Starting tomorrow, clicking the blue Moodle [Log in] button will redirect you to the CedarInfo login screen. Log in with your CedarNet username and password as normal.

If you are already logged in to CedarInfo, clicking the Moodle [LogIn] button will grant you immediate access to Moodle.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication and Moodle – Wed. 10/21
Participants in Duo Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) account protection will notice Duo TFA is enabled for Moodle logins starting tomorrow. Duo TFA security is already available for University email and CedarInfo transactions.

If you would like to sign up for this added CedarNet account protection, please follow the instructions to Set Up and Use Two-Factor Authentication.

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