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Update for New Sign-in to Cedarville Online Services

May 13, 2021

Update for New Sign-in to Cedarville Online Services Information Technology is in the process of updating the login page for many Cedarville-affiliated online services. This change will enable a seamless single-sign-on experience from the new MyCU Portal. The new login screen looks like this: * Note: All Cedarville University accounts will... View Article

Change to Sign-in for Google, Canvas, Self-Service

May 10, 2021

This summer, Information Technology will be updating the login page for many Cedarville-affiliated online services. This change will enable a seamless single-sign-on experience from the new MyCU Portal. The new login screen will look like this: The following services will begin to use the new login screen starting this week:... View Article

Change to CUCMS Access

May 7, 2021

Change to CUCMS Access For security reasons, starting May 14 you will no longer be able to access Cedarville University Contact Management System (CUCMS) from off campus. You can continue to use CUCMS from your on-campus, University-provided workstation or remotely when using VPN. Information about installing and using VPN can be found here: GlobalProtect... View Article

Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive

April 27, 2021

Student H: Drive Migration to OneDrive For many years, most of Cedarville’s files have been stored in network drives. These drives, usually known by their alphabet soup of drive letters (i.e., H:, J:, S: or T:) are automatically made available on any University-provided computer after login, but perform poorly today... View Article

Looking for a Last-Minute Christmas Gift?

December 4, 2020

Cedarville University Information Technology can help!  We have the following used computers available for purchase: 2015 HP ProDesk 400 G1:  $39.00 2015 HP ProBook 640 G1:  $89.00 Late 2013 27″ iMac:  $250.00 Late 2013 21″ iMac:  $250.00 Additional details and ordering information can be found on the Used Computer Sale Page.

Authentication Changes

December 1, 2020

Good news from the IT department in the midst of these stressful times! 24/7 Self-Service Password Reset If you happen to forget your Cedarville University password, you will now be able to reset it easily on your own, simply by confirming your identity by email or an automated phone call... View Article

Changes to Microsoft User Accounts

June 4, 2020

Information Technology is looking into new ways to utilize Microsoft Teams for online file sharing and collaboration. However, most user accounts on this platform were originally named in the format  <username>@cedarvilleuniversity394.onmicrosoft.com. In order to make the best use of these platforms, Information Technology is planning to rename the affected accounts... View Article

Zoom Account Change

May 19, 2020

To improve the Zoom experience for all Cedarville University users, Information Technology is making a change to Cedarville University Zoom accounts on Monday, June 1, 2020.  When accessing Zoom, some users may see the screen shown below: If this screen displays, please select Join the Account and then select Continue.... View Article

New Print Quota Refill Page

March 3, 2020

Information Technology has released a new way for you to refill your print quota using a credit card if you run low on printing funds at the end of a semester. The new system is more integrated into our centralized print tracking system, and available at https://printing.cedarville.edu under the heading “Refill... View Article

Buy Your Valentine a Gently Used Computer!

February 11, 2020

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone but don’t know what to get them?  Nothing says Love more than a gently and righteously-used computer.  Information Technology has them for sale at deep-discounted prices, just in time for Valentine’s Day! 2015 HP ProDesk 400G1 Desktop:  $49.00 2015 HP ProBook 640 G1 Laptop:  $99.00... View Article